So 😎 Cool!

Aren’t these the absolute cutest and sexiest gloves?

They are called ManiGlovz.

Your answer for dry skin, manicures,cold hands, driving gloves and so much more. Designed by a woman! They were originally created for protecting your hands when getting a manicure and going under those lamps that are used to dry your nails and to complete a gel nail service.

So ingenious! These manicure gloves are amazing.

They offer UV protection.

Sun 🌞 protection while driving in your car or motorcycle too.

Water resistant styles to choose from.

One size fits most hands

Some gloves come with hydrating aloe Vera microcapsules. A combination of polyester super microfibers and lycra.

I love to use them for texting and when you don’t need wool or leather gloves kind day. Besides just when getting a manicure.

As seen in Allure magazine you know it’s our beauty bible! Isn’t it? The beauty experts called them… “Sassy as Hell”

The way I discovered them is by accident. Because I had noticed a brown spot on the top of my wrist. I thought it was makeup after I made up a clients face. After going to wash and disinfect my hands I quickly realized it was not. It came out of nowhere. I think the days of sunshine at the beach 🏖 or riding my bike have caught up with me.

So, I since I don’t want more! I have these to protect me,look chic and fun too.

If you haven’t heard of them and are getting sunspots,crepey skin or wrinkles on your hands. Or get manicures … They are definitely worth a look!!

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Noreen Young

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