Did you know?

Beauty Trick for your nails.

All this hand washing is not so good for your hands. Your cuticles are dry and needing some love. A “natural” alternative to using an actual store bought nail product for cuticles is sunflower 🌻 oil, avocado 🥑 oil or olive oils.

They give instant shine and soften up that dry, cracking, red skin around the nail bed. Use as a nightly ritual on naked nails or OVER a coat of nail polish.

Refreshes the toes too!

Makeup Artists LOVE…

A certain beauty show and miss it so as things aren’t happening like they usually do with Covid-19. So, IF YOU happen to miss that show called THE MAKEUP SHOW from NYC too …you’re in luck! They are hosting a virtual show and YOU can join in on the fun.

As a beauty professional,as a makeup artist,wanna be a makeup artist or as a MAKEUP LOVER.This virtual show is one time you can attend too. I got so wrapped up watching yesterdays show I forgot to let you know about the show. TODAY Sunday 13 thru the 15th 11:59PM you can still attend.Tickets still available.

So much to explore and even shop virtual booths. Classes with makeup artists like: Danessa Myricks, Damone Roberts of Beverly Hills and more.

So what are you waiting for?

GO get your ticket and join in on the fun today.

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Can a pineapple make you pretty?

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Yes, it can!

It was another long holiday weekend and It was time to do something fun! But since we can’t get out like we usually do we have to do things that make us happy at home too.

Since March I have not touched a face. My beauty cottage is open for pickup orders at our door. And we are happily shipping mail orders. I’m doing virtual events and have already begun getting ready for the holiday season. Yes, it’s important to think about that as business owners.

But back to the fun part! I took some time to enjoy giving myself a natural and Gentle exfoliating facial at home. And I made this tropical drink.

Anti-inflammatory,digestive support and refreshing in a smoothie and as a facial on your face!

Pineapples 🍍 rock!

I love natural beauty and since our immune systems need to stay strong in this time of Covid-19. I’m trying to keep my husband and I and family healthy. In my business I usually serve juice shots which are fresh made juice mini serving drinks. One of my all time fave’s is with pineapple.

Here is what I do for my skin. I cleanse the skin and apply slices of the pineapple directly to the skin. I leave it on the skin at least 20 minutes. Next I rinse my skin and follow up with a rosewater skin toner. It is just a gentle exfoliant and a quick fix on the cheap!

Sipping Pineapple 🍍 Tropical 🌴 Smoothie

Here’s what you will need:

1 cup of fresh or frozen pineapple

1 1/2 cups of coconut 🥥 water

1/2 cup of coconut milk in a can

1 cup of frozen Pitaya dragon fruit

1 cup of frozen peaches

A dash of honey if you’d like!

Place all of the above in your blender. Blend until it’s creamy and dreamy. Sometimes I add a zest or dash of the juice of a lemon or lime.

Adding ice cubes is optional.

Add a drink umbrella ⛱ and you’re all set!

I hope you’ll try my drink recipe and or this easy twist on a facial


If you are allergic to pineapples OR anything else in this recipe in this recipe…please do not use them.

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Body, Mind and Spirit

The pandemic,death, fires,hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, violent protests, deaths and murder hornets and lots of emotions like hate… just a bit of what we’ve all seen, felt and been going through this year.

We’ve got a lot going on in our world 🌎 right now! 2020 is throwing ALL it can at us.

With that said …

Can you say you’re not stressed, frustrated or uneasy?

I notice my clients at my beauty cottage are feeling hopeless. When they place there orders for curbside pickup they seem so blue. I see it in their eyes. And feel the vibe too. But I try and encourage them. I want to do the same for you too. There is ALWAYS hope. We must remember to take care of our body, mind and spirit.

No matter what is flying our way.

Enjoy nice walks in the park or in your neighborhood more. Not only is it good for you as exercise it can help you clear your head. Especially at the end of the day.

Eat better and be well!

Keep your mind as clear as you can from negative thoughts and stop being so hard on yourself!

Clear your mind,space in your home or office with A bundle of sage is an ancient ritual that continues to make a comeback to helps us in our spiritual journey. They can really make you feel good. Makes you feel calm. Helps with purification and good intentions and clears negativity. If you’re not into that light candles. Reflecting on the beauty of that flickering light.

Keep your spirit going.

Whatever you or whoever you believe in hold your head up high and look up to the sky for guidance. Take time for some form of prayer 🙏 and time for SOUL food.

Just remember this…

The world is better with YOU in it!~ were all in this together.

So hang in there. I am too!

Love at first sniff!

I recently discovered a new addition to the Farmhouse Fresh Goods family…

Honey 🍯 Chai! A milky rich lotion for hands!

The company calls this a nourishing therapy for dry hands! I call it like a delicious trip to a coffee ☕️ or tea 🍵 bar meets my body! If you like Chai tea like I do. This lotion is for you!

Paraben and sulfate free ,Vegan, and Cruelty Free !

They steeped cardamom in warm coconut 🥥 milk and infused the rich aromatic blend into a supple sunflower 🌻 kissed cream.

Honey Chai you are going to love this lotion!!! Especially if you love sipping ☕️ Chai!

Dream Creams… Aren’t always the answer!

 The number one ☝️ complaint I hear from clients is “Help! I hate these wrinkles!” As small as they may be around the face on the cheeks or on the neck and chest. They hate them! They are always asking about what are the latest and greatest dream creams that we’ve got in?

My answer is not just skin creams or a silk pillowcase anymore.

Since I am always on the hunt to discover new fresh finds, I came across this pillow and pillow case called Sleep & Glow”.

The pillow had me at Sleep & Glow” who doesn’t want to sleep 😴 and wake up glowing! Right? Especially lately with this virus and how we are not getting a good nights sleep! So here are the deets!

The sleek design pillow and pillow case are a Tencil 100 natural silk memory foam. It not only helps with sleep wrinkles and morning puffy face, it offers protection for your eyelash extensions!

(Photo from Sleep & Glow shop online)

  • So… Don’t smoosh your face into or on a pillow day and night. 

  • Know that dream eye and face creams aren’t the answer anymore.

  • The pillow helps prevent against sleep wrinkles. Even $250+ face creams cannot fight sleep wrinkles.

  • There is a reduction in that dreaded puffiness.

  • Helps fight morning puffiness thanks to the height difference between the front and back bolsters of the pillow.

  • Natural Care

  • Sleep&Glow turns sleep into effective skin care. Wake up with younger looking skin. I’ll take it!

  • Get Deep Sleep as it adjusts to your face shape, neck and shoulders.

  • The specially designed anatomic shape provides you with the ultimate comfort during sleep.Designed by orthopedists and cosmetologists including estheticians.

  • Not just for the ladies guys love it too!

So Sleep & Glow Gorgeous or Handsome…

And wake up more rested and make your skin happy!

If you’re in the business of beauty spread the word! Your clients will appreciate the look gods feel better tip!


Guys Guide to Grooming

It is Skin care Sunday and today my husband asked me to give him a face mask and so not only did I decide to do just that I went a little further. He’s squeaky clean and hydrated from head to toe!

Guys want to look good and feel great too. Right?

Working from home these days or play?

Or going to work to do your essential job YOU simply have to TAKE the TIME to take care of you! Now with the virus even more! It isn’t just about wearing a face cover,washing our hands often and social distancing. Your body needs you to pay attention to it.

Start with creating a space in your home,or outdoor space for meditation or reflection or perhaps driving to a park or the beach. CHILL! Be silent and quiet your busy mind.calm blue sea during golden hour

Photo by Sasha Martynov on Pexels.com


Buy online or in your local drug store a few things you maybe never tried before and add them to your grooming routine. You not only will discover something new…you might just fall in love with them too.Check out the inexpensive sheet face masks! Instant gratification . Discover a teeth whitening toothpaste and a new brand of dental floss. Try dental TAPE. You’ll be hooked. But a luxe soap instead of your usual deodorant bar. Try a new cologne or after shave. The choices are endless! Male skin care and grooming is so on trend! And smart! round wooden table with decorative vase soaps and brush

photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Add some incense to your life or burn some sage or Palo Santo. Do you even know what they are? Explore!

close up of a defocused
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Discover the true joys of a calming bath! Your bathtub is the calming and renewing spa in your home. Add a few aromatic candles flickering in the room. Add some plants to your bedroom and bathroom. The earthy green makes you feel so serene and plants purify the air!

 Go ahead. Get in the grooming game and take better care of yourself! You’ll feel and LOOK better too. YOU deserve it!

I love 💕 helping no my clients look and feel fabulous! Men want to look good too!

a romantic setting in the bathroom
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Wine On.

There’s so much beauty in a glass of  wine!

Sipping it or cooking with it. But have you ever tried this? Since it is was National White Wine day yesterday…I decided to share this recipe that I tried and loved it yesterday.

 Thought you’d enjoy this simple recipe too.

wine glass and liquor bottle
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Recipe for Wine 🍷 Salt 🧂

Mix about 2 tsp. of red or white wine. Last of the bottle will work.

1/4 cup of Kosher salt

Dry the flavored salt on a plate for 24 hours before storing.

selective focus photo of salt in glass jar
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Imagine a salty bite of watermelon or fresh cantaloupe . Or A sprinkle of this salt recipe on ripe red 🍅 tomatoes!



You know I love ❤️ to do beauty services on my clients, entertain my clients and feed them too. But since things are not quite the same now I can share some recipes with you. Hope you try some.

Try making this flavored salt with white or red wine. Next time you cook or grill lunch or dinner a juicy steak or make a salad try this for that flavor filled sprinkle of salt!

A delicious cooling 🍵 Tea


It’s is so hot in Florida the palm trees 🌴 are sweating!!! I so want to cool down in more ways than one.

How is life there for you in your part of the world?

Have you whipped up something yummy in your kitchen this weekend?

I so enjoy the cooling comfort of tea. I am a Northerner and until I moved to Florida I never drank iced tea. Only hot tea.

Once settled in Florida I noticed people in the south love their tea. When my business was open to the public pre-Covid-19 I loved making sun tea. My husband taught me this how-to. Sun Tea… if you haven’t heard of it before is placing in a large see through container a gallon of fresh bottled water 💦 and tea bags of your choice outside your door in the sun 🌞 and waiting for the magic to happen. Sugar is optional but adds sweetness. So easy… No hot tea kettle needed. But here’s another way we can make iced tea as you know..

If you love green tea here is a recipe I think you will like. My clients loved it! I hope when we open our doors fully again our clients will enjoy this cool green tea again.

Here is what you will need:

4 green tea bags

1/2 cup of honey

Of fresh mint leaves from my organic garden.

2 tablespoons of honey (I prefer from the local Fathers market or road side stand)

5 cups of boiling water

3 stalks of lemongrass to garnish or use a mint leaf stem. 🍃

Combine mint leaves, tea bags. Honey and boiling water. Let steep for 5 minutes; remove the tea bags. Refrigerate until chilled. Pour into 6 ice filled glasses.

Garnish with stalk of lemongrass and or a mint leaf.

So cool and refreshing!

* If you’ve love to embellish your ice cubes. I like to make ice cubes filled with edible flowers and or a mint leaf or two in each cube. Pretty to look at and tasty once it all melts down. Enjoy!