Exhausted …Did you shop till you dropped?

After the long Thanksgiving weekend it’s time to relax. Give yourself a soothing foot 🦶 bath for legs and feet! I worked away in my studio helping clients pick out the perfect gift 🎁 and reminded them to not forget themselves too.

I can tell. My feet and legs are exhausted. So. When time allows. Maybe you want to do this.

What you will need for this recipe:

6 Green tea bags

1 thick slice of fresh ginger peeled

2 drops of peppermint oil

A pot of water 💦 boiled.

Add the above ingredients into the pot. Like you’re making pasta but you’re not.

Let the ingredients mesh and dance together in the pot. Allow the water to cool a bit.

Place in a foot basin. Soak your feet and take a hand towel and dip it into the mixture. Wrap around the legs for about three minutes as well.9

The ginger adds some aromatic heat, the peppermint oil is very relaxing and invigorating at the same time. The green tea soothes tired skin. Do this at least 15mins. Or when water is cool.

Afterwards. Rinse. apply your favorite body lotion on your legs and feet. Rest your cares away. Get cozy in bed.

I love ❤️ to treat myself or my husband to this treat for the feet.

Do you know what day it is?

It is Shop Small Saturday.

Think big and shop small!

This movement was started by American Express and to shine a light and spread some LOVE to all small businesses in our communities where we live and while we travel for the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.

Photo by Eva Elijas on Pexels.com

IF you never heard of it…now you have. AND if you own a business it is not too late to get it together and do something and celebrate with US (other business owners) too! My glam team of elves have dressed our shelves and it is going to be an awesome day. I just feel it.

From shops online or in a local brick and or pop up shop!

Photo by Darina Belonogova on Pexels.com

JUST have fun,browse,shop and enjoy!

Many stores will have specials and gifts galore. FEEL GOOD to shop small businesses too. And while you are at it. Why not STAND TALL and Eat Small,Sip Small think big by shopping small in your community. Today is the day!

So much to be THANKFUL for!

Photo by Sasha Prasastika on Pexels.com

As you connect with friends and family this Thanksgiving…I hope you welcome them to your door with a big smile, a warm hug and a blank piece of paper and a pen. The piece of paper is for them to write down what they are thankful for. Place all of the paper pieces from the guests and family in a pretty bowl or basket.

When the time is right and things have calmed down but before the evening is over. Allow someone to read what they wrote on the piece of paper or unique shaped piece. Like the bird shaped,pumpkin shaped or a beautiful red paper heart.

I wish I thought to do this lovely idea years ago.

Makes people aware of all they have to be grateful for…especially in the midst of these pandemic times. Some may not even realize how much they really have. Abs that maybe things aren’t as bad as it seems in their lives.

Have you ever tried this idea? I like to do this with some of my favorite clients in my business too.

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate. I want you to know I appreciate your following my beauty and lifestyle blog. I am thankful for the likes and for the kind comments. I am ever grateful that you like the words from my 🧡 heart to yours!

Loving all things fall! 🍁

How about you?

It’s cooler weather and I so love ❤️ fall. I’ve been traveling a bit. The airports are so busy it is so good to be out and about again. Wow how the country is looking amazing with the change of leaves!

Getting my business ready for the holiday season and enjoying life one day at a time.

So they say… “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

I have been in awe with the beauty of the changing fall leaves, eating an apple a day, sipping apple cider, cozying up to an apple 🥧pie and enjoying the beauty secret in apples.

You asked me if I have a recipe for a face mask with apples and I’ll share one of my faves below.

Photo by u81fb u5b8b on Pexels.com

🍎Do you know apples can fill you up? Sort of like drinking a tall glass of water 💦before a meal. Fills you up fast before you eat.

🍎Eating Apples (with the skin on) are especially good for you.

🍎 I mentioned before in a post I love to make fruit infused water with small slices of red and green apples. Adding a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar makes it extra delicious.

🍎 Apples make a great natural face mask not found in a jar on a store shelf. Fun to make and enjoy with your BFF or family too.

Here’s what you will need:

2 tbsp of crushed oats

1 red or green apple

1 tsp of organic local honey

Mix the above and add grated or puréed apples in a bowl.

Apply to the face and leave on at least 15 minutes. Rinse well with warm water.

Next apply your fave facial moisturizer and eye gel

The oats in this recipe exfoliate the skin gently. The apples and honey give you plump abs glowing skin. Vitamin C rich and Vitamin A too. Boosts collagen too.

Do you love natural beauty recipes too?

Share with me I’d love to hear any of yours too!

Do you know … someone with Down Syndrome?

If you ever have seen these beautiful people and smiled and said “Hello!” You’d have a loyal and sweet friend!

People born with Downs Syndrome are kind, bright, loyal, funny, gifted and special.

Best part they are so LOVEABLE! 🥰 and want to be loved just like you and I.

Love ❤️ More!

Yes, they may look a little different but don’t we ALL? That’s the beauty in us in life! We all don’t look alike and or think alike.

What got me thinking about people born with Downs is yesterday not only was it it Halloween 🎃 it was also the last day of Downs Syndrome Awareness month.

Since Celebrating Halloween had to be put on hold due to Covid I found I truly missed the fun of it all. I delight when I see my neighborhood light up with smiling masked faces come my way! The kids so excited! Some come yearly and my have they grown! I love giving them all kinds of fun things! Not just candy.

I pulled out all my faux creepy candles, my basket of treats not tricks and a chair. I wore a sexy vampire mask with red lips 👄 and I had a friend by my side. A Chucky Doll. You know all the movies Chucky? My brothers favorite! He loves & lives spooky movies, Sci-Fi and Star Trek too!

It gave me comfort as I remember with my ❤️ heart this wonderful person in my life and best brother ever! Did I mention he was born with Downs? I know first hand what a joy it is to have a family member with Downs in our lives.

We were a bit poor but he made us rich. He taught us so much! He loved us unconditionally.

If you don’t know what Downs Syndrome is google it to learn more.

They are more than what meets the eye. Get to know them and open your eyes to ALL people. Not just colors of the peoples faces. People with disabilities or handicaps whatever you want to call it.

You might just make an awesome friend for life.

Welcome them in your life! Smile at them. Acknowledge them if you see them on the street, in church, on a plane or in a store. If you own a business and can …employ them.

As I write this I have tears in my eyes. It is so hard to even talk about him. I wish I could see his beautiful sweet face again and get one more hug from him!

Memories … I treasure them.

Apple Pie High!

Did you know eating apples with the skin on it is even better and healthier for you? There’s something magical about that skin.

Photo by u0414u0438u0430u043du0430 u0411u0430u0433u0430u0443u0442u0434u0438u043du043eu0432u0430 on Pexels.com

I LOVE apples 🍏 green apples, red 🍎 apples I love them all. I remember my first visit to an apple orchard up north with my girlfriends. Picking my own apples off a tree. It was so much fun!

Now in the beauty and spa industry I have come to enjoy the beauty in them even more. How about you do you love apples too?

Apples contain Vitamin C,K,A,fiber and filled with lots of nutrients our bodies love.

So I thought I’d share one of my favorite spa water 💦 recipes with you. It is so much fun to make and delicious too!

What you will need for this recipe is:

2 🍎 🍏 red, green or both

1 bottle of Perrier or bottled drinking water

3 cinnamon sticks

1 piece of star anise (Optional)

Photo by Harry Cooke on Pexels.com

I love to drink this recipe once fall arrives especially. I prepare it, pour it in a pitcher and decorate a lovely tray with fall decor like a mini pumpkin, 🌻 flowers and pretty leaves 🍁 from my front and backyard… so cozy to look at. Makes me feel good and hydrated too.

They say…eating an apple 🍎 a day keeps the doctor away. So, I also like to keep a basket of bowl of them on my kitchen counter or in a pretty basket in my living room on a side table. They are a filling snack especially when you crave something sweet!

Apples are good for heart ❤️ health, your eyes 👁,liver, gut and digestion, help regulate blood sugar levels, your colon, helps are muscles, aides to lower hypertension. Great source of fiber and filled with potassium.

My favorite snack trick is an apple can help clean your teeth and help with your gums on the run. They help produce more saliva which fills the mouth 👄 to ward off bacteria. It gently sloughs away tarter on your teeth until you can brush your teeth.

How about you? Do you love apples too? You can even find apples in some K Beauty and American brand skin care now too.

You know I love to D.I.Y. so here is a skin softening yummy scented scrub body recipe I like to whip up in my kitchen.

What you will need for this recipe is:

1/2 cup of coconut oil

1/2 cup of dark brown sugar

1 or 2 pinches of apple pie 🥧 SPICE

1 crushed cinnamon stick to embellish on top.

Mix all of the above (not the cinnamon sticks) and place in microwave to melt a few seconds.

Pour in a jam jar or another other jar you have on hand. Recycled jars are the best!

Apply like you would any other scrub. You can just do your hands,your feet or your body sitting at the side of the tub. Be careful it will be a bit slippery. Rinse well but leave a bit of the oil on your skin and rub in. Your skin will be so baby soft and the scent of this treat is amazing. Like mom or grandma baked an apple pie!

Fall Nail Polish Tip

Want your hands to look better & younger?

So many new hues on store shelves… so little time to use them all.

Choose a nail lacquer that is a bold matte hue not beige or too light or nude.

Your nails 💅 and polish will be the center of attention. NOT your sunspots,red splotches and more.

Nail it with … bold hues!

Just remember to exfoliate and hydrate those hands before you do!

Reflecting on today.

World Mental Health day

Love ❤️ 💛 this message and mural collaborated by NY artist Jason Naylor and two others. It says it all. I found his work on Instagram.

Let’s remember we ALL are not alone! We need each other. We have to get through all of this that is coming our way daily. Keep on the sunny side of life. Keep positive. Try!

I am on the other side of this screen to give you hope. We need to believe. Together!

YOU are not alone.

Room Freshener DIY

Aaah! A little aromatherapy goes s along way.

Photo by Ines Iachelini on Pexels.com

In my beauty business and in my home I try really really hard to keep it chemical free. So one of my favorite go to’s is fresh lavender buds. The scent of lavender is RELAXING.

A simple thing I like to do is use the buds sprinkled in the vacuum cleaner bag along with a drop of lavender essential oil. It really freshens up the carpets and air.

))I also love to add a few buds of (culinary) lavender to my tea pot when making tea. Its is an afternoon delight. My guests comment and love it too.

Beauty Pros, Spa Owners & Salons!

See you there?

Looking forward to the fall 🍁show season and this show. The International Esthetics Cosmetics and Spa Conference! I’ll be not only enjoying educational classes but I am also teaching a class.

Photo by kinkate on Pexels.com

I can’t wait to educate and entertain. As a beauty professional I have so enjoyed and learned combining makeup & skin care! Not just makeup! The two are a winning combination. I believe today’s clients and times are more savvy then ever. They really want to have healthier skin and their approach to makeup is different now.

I’ll also shop the show floor which is filled with the latest trends, demonstrations on skin and body treatments, makeup and a pinch of nails and sometimes a bit of haircare. It is so important to stay current or you will be left behind.

This year not only will the show go on… it will be held in one of my favorite cities. West Palm Beach. Minutes away from the iconic Palm Beach.

Take a walk on the beach, treat yourself to something special and enjoy a fabulous show. If you’re a beauty or skin industry PRO, spa owner or sole practitioner…

Come join us if you can this October! If you are not a beauty pro…and enjoy reading my blog or follow my blog. That’s fine. I will bring the show to you when I return. It is definitely going to be a beauty filled time!