Apple Pie High!

Did you know eating apples with the skin on it is even better and healthier for you? There’s something magical about that skin.

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I LOVE apples 🍏 green apples, red 🍎 apples I love them all. I remember my first visit to an apple orchard up north with my girlfriends. Picking my own apples off a tree. It was so much fun!

Now in the beauty and spa industry I have come to enjoy the beauty in them even more. How about you do you love apples too?

Apples contain Vitamin C,K,A,fiber and filled with lots of nutrients our bodies love.

So I thought I’d share one of my favorite spa water 💦 recipes with you. It is so much fun to make and delicious too!

What you will need for this recipe is:

2 🍎 🍏 red, green or both

1 bottle of Perrier or bottled drinking water

3 cinnamon sticks

1 piece of star anise (Optional)

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I love to drink this recipe once fall arrives especially. I prepare it, pour it in a pitcher and decorate a lovely tray with fall decor like a mini pumpkin, 🌻 flowers and pretty leaves 🍁 from my front and backyard… so cozy to look at. Makes me feel good and hydrated too.

They say…eating an apple 🍎 a day keeps the doctor away. So, I also like to keep a basket of bowl of them on my kitchen counter or in a pretty basket in my living room on a side table. They are a filling snack especially when you crave something sweet!

Apples are good for heart ❤️ health, your eyes 👁,liver, gut and digestion, help regulate blood sugar levels, your colon, helps are muscles, aides to lower hypertension. Great source of fiber and filled with potassium.

My favorite snack trick is an apple can help clean your teeth and help with your gums on the run. They help produce more saliva which fills the mouth 👄 to ward off bacteria. It gently sloughs away tarter on your teeth until you can brush your teeth.

How about you? Do you love apples too? You can even find apples in some K Beauty and American brand skin care now too.

You know I love to D.I.Y. SO here is a skin softening yummy scented scrub body recipe I like to whip up in my kitchen.

What you will need for this recipe is:

1/2 cup of coconut oil

1/2 cup of dark brown sugar

1 or 2 pinches of apple pie 🥧 SPICE

1 crushed cinnamon stick to embellish on top.

Mix all of the above (not the cinnamon sticks) and place in microwave to melt a few seconds.

Pour in a jam jar or another other jar you have on hand. Recycled jars are the best!

Apply like you would any other scrub. You can just do your hands,your feet or your body sitting at the side of the tub. Be careful it will be a bit slippery. Rinse well but leave a bit of the oil on your skin and rub in. Your skin will be so baby soft and the scent of this treat is amazing. Like mom or grandma baked an apple pie!

Fall Nail Polish Tip

Want your hands to look better & younger?

So many new hues on store shelves… so little time to use them all.

Choose a nail lacquer that is a bold matte hue not beige or too light or nude.

Your nails 💅 and polish will be the center of attention. NOT your sunspots,red splotches and more.

Nail it with … bold hues!

Just remember to exfoliate and hydrate those hands before you do!

Reflecting on today.

World Mental Health day

Love ❤️ 💛 this message and mural collaborated by NY artist Jason Naylor and two others. It says it all. I found his work on Instagram.

Let’s remember we ALL are not alone! We need each other. We have to get through all of this that is coming our way daily. Keep on the sunny side of life. Keep positive. Try!

I am on the other side of this screen to give you hope. We need to believe. Together!

YOU are not alone.

Room Freshener DIY

Aaah! A little aromatherapy goes s along way.

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In my beauty business and in my home I try really really hard to keep it chemical free. So one of my favorite go to’s is fresh lavender buds. The scent of lavender is RELAXING.

A simple thing I like to do is use the buds sprinkled in the vacuum cleaner bag along with a drop of lavender essential oil. It really freshens up the carpets and air.

))I also love to add a few buds of (culinary) lavender to my tea pot when making tea. Its is an afternoon delight. My guests comment and love it too.

Beauty Pros, Spa Owners & Salons!

See you there?

Looking forward to the fall 🍁show season and this show. The International Esthetics Cosmetics and Spa Conference! I’ll be not only enjoying educational classes but I am also teaching a class.

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I can’t wait to educate and entertain. As a beauty professional I have so enjoyed and learned combining makeup & skin care! Not just makeup! The two are a winning combination. I believe today’s clients and times are more savvy then ever. They really want to have healthier skin and their approach to makeup is different now.

I’ll also shop the show floor which is filled with the latest trends, demonstrations on skin and body treatments, makeup and a pinch of nails and sometimes a bit of haircare. It is so important to stay current or you will be left behind.

This year not only will the show go on… it will be held in one of my favorite cities. West Palm Beach. Minutes away from the iconic Palm Beach.

Take a walk on the beach, treat yourself to something special and enjoy a fabulous show. If you’re a beauty or skin industry PRO, spa owner or sole practitioner…

Come join us if you can this October! If you are not a beauty pro…and enjoy reading my blog or follow my blog. That’s fine. I will bring the show to you when I return. It is definitely going to be a beauty filled time!

Let’s talk facials …Down there!

I promised I would share with you from the show floor where I guest spoke in Chicago!

The Esthetics Cosmetics and Spa Show never disappoints! Have you ever been?

Alongside the trends and services on the show floor Dermastart who talked Vajacials. caught my eye.

What are VAJACIALS you ask?

Vajacials are intimate facials for the vulva of the vagina, focusing on the bikini 👙 area and the outer labia.

A Vajacial service treats ingrown hair, removes dead skin cells, smooths bumps around the bikini line and helps to treat hyper-friction, aka discoloration.

All to maintain healthy and hydrated skin in the vaginal area. A woman’s sacred place.

A service at a spa near you!

The products they use for this service are as follows. Kinda love the names. 😉

*Hoo Haa cleanser

*Buff solution

*Phresh Peach 🍑 Enzyme

*Cool-Aid calming masque

*Pearly Polish

*Prickly Milk Serum

*AHA/BHA Refining mask

* An intimate ❤️ shaped sheet masque

ALL to give some love down there! Call me crazy or out if the loop but I had to look up and Google what does Hoo Haa even mean! Now I know. 😉

People were lined up to buy the kit and offer this service to their clients! Is this service for you?

Luggage & Beauty 💄Bags Packed and …

Ready to kiss 💋 Chicago “Hello” again! I’ve so MISSED this fabulous part of the country. ✈️

I’m guest speaking and educating at the International Esthetics Cosmetics & Spa show. I’ll also be attending other classes and shopping the massive show floor! This year the show will be near O’Hare airport at a Convention Ctr there.

Always a fabulous show. And will be attending America’s Beauty Show in the same convention center which is a hair show with a combination of beauty, skin and nails!

So come back for more and I’ll be sharing all things beauty from the show floor!

Clearing your space …

Today I woke up at 5:20 AM as most of you I am restless and can’t seem to sleep 😴 in like I used to. I’m taking time this Labor Day to cook, cozy up to a few magazines and a good book 📚 and to clear my space.

Life has thrown so many curve balls at us and it is getting a bit tiring. Isn’t it? I so miss the good old days.

A few things I like to do in my home and office/ beauty business to purify my space and protect it too.

Playing music 🎶 really feeds the body,mind and spirit. I enjoy and have fallen in love ❤️ with the music 🎵 of George Skaroulis. My favorites are his Sanctuary and Sanctuary 2 CD’s I also love David Young’s Bliss. These both are BEAUTIful music, calming and relaxing. You can’t be in a bad mood anymore if you listen to them in your car or home or business.

Feed yourself with music. 🎶

Detoxify your space and your mind with a little meditation. 🧘‍♂️ Affirm with positive mantras. Create your own personal mantra. Repeat over and over.

Stressful job, a toxic relationship and our lives now in general can affect our digestive tract and adrenal glands. I like to start my day with a simple drink.

After I wake up I pour myself a glass of room temperature water 💦. Not cold or iced. Flush out your body and quench your thirst with water every morning.

I also alternate between these two drinks. Long known as a healthy and most beneficial plant 🌱 I love to sip aloe juice. One small glass in the morning will do. It helps your body detox too. I also surround my space and desk area with a small aloe plant.

Great to drink, great to grow and great for skin issues like burns in the kitchen or bathroom too.

Another drink I do more often is warm water with lemon 🍋 and ginger. Great for the digestive tract and immune boosting too.

Burn some incense a bay leaf or sage. Or all three in a week. They all protect your space and you as well as purify the air of negative energy.

Incense is my state of mind!
Oranges 🍊 rule!

The Chinese believe that oranges bring you abundance and protection. I’ll never forget the scents and sights of Hong Kong where the sandalwood incense perfumed the air and smelled so amazing. I also saw oranges everywhere in businesses, at temples and on tables in the home. They believe having bowls of oranges 🍊 in your home for you, your family and guests to enjoy. And they brighten your kitchen as well as bring you abundance and protection!

Who doesn’t want that?

So I hope you clear the air and clean your space with some of these small rituals I highly recommend.

Hope you have a beautiful end to your day wherever you live.

Pack those bags!

Tea bags a natural quick fix!

People often complain to me about their eye 👁 bags. You know bags or baggage 🧳 under the eyes, puffy eyes, tired eyes.

So, besides using an eye product on a store shelf, another quick rescue is a tea 🍵 bag. Brewed tea bags work magic under the eyes. Squeeze the tea bag gently and place the almost room temperature tea bag on closed eyes. Not caffeine free. I love to use a green tea. Leave on under the eyes at least 12-15 minutes. Rinse with cool water.

If that doesn’t float your boat, there is always the “tried and true” fresh 🥒 cucumber! Cucumber slices really cool the skin down and help de-puff too.

Did you know potatoes 🥔 can assist with bags under the eyes and eyelids too?

Yes, a thin slice on each lid closed ( and top lid too) can have the same rescue too.

And of course there is always a bag of frozen peas and or frozen mixed veggies will do good and work too!

My clients love my recommendations that are easy to do and fresh from a tea farm and Mother Nature too! 🍃


Have you got a beauty or skin care remedy you’d like to share with me too? Do tell.

I’m going on the road again!

The fall show season is almost here!

Counting down to the beauty of the fall season and guest speaking at this spa and wellness conference. I am already packing my beauty bags for my class!

After a challenging year and a half we are finally getting back to business and need to refresh,renew and think of a few things new. If you work in the world of beauty and skin care I hope to see you there! Not too late to get your ticket!

Come join us and have some fun! Did I mention the show floor is massive and full of awesome deals?

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