Dream Creams… Aren’t always the answer!

 The number one ☝️ complaint I hear from clients is “Help! I hate these wrinkles!” As small as they may be around the face on the cheeks or on the neck and chest. They hate them! They are always asking about what are the latest and greatest dream creams that we’ve got in?

My answer is not just skin creams or a silk pillowcase anymore.

Since I am always on the hunt to discover new fresh finds, I came across this pillow and pillow case called Sleep & Glow”.

The pillow had me at Sleep & Glow” who doesn’t want to sleep 😴 and wake up glowing! Right? Especially lately with this virus and how we are not getting a good nights sleep! So here are the deets!

The sleek design pillow and pillow case are a Tencil 100 natural silk memory foam. It not only helps with sleep wrinkles and morning puffy face, it offers protection for your eyelash extensions!

(Photo from Sleep & Glow shop online)

  • So… Don’t smoosh your face into or on a pillow day and night. 

  • Know that dream eye and face creams aren’t the answer anymore.

  • The pillow helps prevent against sleep wrinkles. Even $250+ face creams cannot fight sleep wrinkles.

  • There is a reduction in that dreaded puffiness.

  • Helps fight morning puffiness thanks to the height difference between the front and back bolsters of the pillow.

  • Natural Care

  • Sleep&Glow turns sleep into effective skin care. Wake up with younger looking skin. I’ll take it!

  • Get Deep Sleep as it adjusts to your face shape, neck and shoulders.

  • The specially designed anatomic shape provides you with the ultimate comfort during sleep.Designed by orthopedists and cosmetologists including estheticians.

  • Not just for the ladies guys love it too!

So Sleep & Glow Gorgeous or Handsome…

And wake up more rested and make your skin happy!

If you’re in the business of beauty spread the word! Your clients will appreciate the look gods feel better tip!


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Noreen Young

Welcome to my all things BEAUTY,food, travel and lifestyle blog. I am a makeup-artist,skin care expert and love the world of makeup and getting all dolled up! Stay tuned for beauty reviews, tricks, skincare tips and more. IF you are a FOODIE...you'll love my occasional recipes for food plus fun! I also love to travel too. So I will share about delicious places I visit. From mom and pop places to exotic foodie spaces all over the country. I am happy to have you read my words and can't wait to learn more about YOU too. Live a delicious life and live each day as if it was your last. I do! XOXO Noreen www.noreenyoung.com Remember my mantra and slogan is: "A woman without lipstick is like a day without sunshine" Noreen Young

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