A time for reflection…

Call it meditation, sitting in silence or doing some yoga and stretching. I like to take time for myself to be quiet and pray, meditate or simply be still.

I either light candles, dim the lights, light some sandalwood incense or illuminate a room or corner of a room with a Himalayan salt lamp or two. I also like to add a little music 🎶 to set the mood even more. My favorite music is the music by George Skaroulis and David Young.

These lamps can really calm you down and mesmerizing to look at. They also are known to help a variety of conditions from allergies, purify the air and stress to name a few.

Since this is Holy Saturday and it is still a dark day. I chill and take time to pray. when I was younger my church used to be open to pray,reflect and rest my weary fit and worship. You know … talk to God.

But here in Florida I have not found that place … yet. But as you know God is everywhere. Not just in church.

What do you do to meditate 🧘‍♀️ or simply be still?

TREAT those pretty feet!

Have you ever heard of the Original Pedi-Sox?

Pedicure,yoga,dance class or D.I.Y. at home pedi’s you need this!

I even like to put a foot and heel cream or lotion on and go to sleep in them. If you own a nail salon or spa they are an awesome retail addition.

This winter take the chill off and pamper those dehydrated and not so pretty feet.

Slip on the sox as a final step in the pedicure process, apply toe nail polish. Your feet will stay clean and comfy cozy as moisturizer absorb. Toenails will dry flawless! They can be worn alone or with sandals and year round.

Fun designs, classic favorites and a variety of material weights to suit any desire. My two favorites are the sox with the lips called Lips’n’kisses and the animal print style.

SWAK Pedi-Sox

Wear flip-flops year round,  keep feet clean in Yoga class, or luxuriate the pedicure experience for your next pedicure at the salon.  

If you love getting or doing pedi’s you have to try and experience The Original Pedi-Sox! Worth a look!


Photo by Lum3n on Pexels.com