It’s All About the Lips💋 !

Those lips 👄 created by the one and only cosmetic make- up artist and photographer Vlada Haggerty! Born in Kyviv, Ukraine and now in Los Angeles. How lucky are we!

I’m shining a light on her work and this book! Her first and brand NEW book! I got a sneak peek before it launched.

“The Art of the Lips!” By an awesome makeup artist I discovered on Instagram! Her various artworks on a tiny palette like lips 👄 continues to amaze me!

253 pages of LIP Bliss! By now you may figured out how much I love ❤️ all things lips and 💄 lipstick!

Vlada’s work has quickly drawn attention and she’s been featured on TV shows, art shows, makeup campaigns, articles, magazines and is also sold around the world as wall art!

I love this book so much I featured it on a beauty segment I did on River City Live TV / WJXT here in sunny Jacksonville Florida. 😎

Her intricate designs are amazing!

Check her out on @vladamua on Instagram! she has over 650k+ followers!

Also if you love art and or in the world of beauty you need this book in your library or on your coffee table.

This is just a glimpse of her work!

Who Runs the World 🌎 ?

WE do!

Happy International Women’s day!

Celebrating all you fabulous & fierce women today.


I salute the women of Ukraine too! They had to leave EVERYTHING!

! I can’t even stand the thought of not taking my lipsticks with me for the day!

How did they choose? What did they choose in those backpacks? Or roller luggage? Or their children’s backpacks?

Also love ❤️ and bless the women of Poland 🇵🇱 who thought to leave baby carriages and strollers for the mommy’s of Ukraine arriving to Poland at the train station on their journey with their babies or little children.

What an amazing beautiful gesture!!! I cried when I saw that on the news and in social media.

We have much to learn from these women in peril and perhaps hopeless.

Bless you ALL… Bless you.🙏