What a beauty & food filled party! 🧨🧧🐇

Chinese New Year is here and I have been enjoying celebrating. Food, family and time to reflect on our lives. It is also a time to open our hearts and spirit to attract and welcome good health, prosperity, happiness and overall year round good luck.

Did you know for the Asian people its not just about a one night NYE 🎊 🥂 🍾 celebration it’s a 15 day affair. They really know how to party and so much more! Family is the core of the festive and food filled celebration.

I am happy to be a part of the culture!

Red lanterns and lots of gold decor are abound.

Since I am an all American girl who happens to be of Chinese AND Polish descent. I celebrate it in my own way too! I love spreading the word and supporting small mom and pop businesses too. Eating, sipping or fun shopping Chinatown’s in USA and beyond are my happy place.

I love to explore

Now in beauty there are a few points of interest you might like to know.

No hair cutting or washing on New Year’s Day. Some prefer not to take a bath or shower as they don’t want to wash prosperity and luck away. The Chinese character for hair is the same as the first character in the word prosper. That is why they do this still to this day.

This festival time RED 💋 lipstick 💄 is a must especially if they wear lipstick. As you may know some Asian women prefer no lipstick. It just depends on their style. Red is a fire color. Sure to bring in your good luck and prosperity.

Bold colored fashions or hues of red (solo) in their outfits are worn to celebrate too!

My favorite part of celebrating is eating. Chinese Dumplings 🥟 are eaten and devoured with glee. The more the merrier! As they believe the luckier and more prosperous you’ll be in the new year. Fingers crossed🤞

The shape of these dumplings 🥟 resemble pieces of gold. Symbolizing wealth.

I hope you enjoyed these small bites of interest, food plus beauty on Chinese New Year. 🧨🧧🐇

Merry 🎄Christmas, Happy Chanukah 🕎 and …

Whatever you celebrate I wish you a beautiful day and holiday season.

I’m back and have a chance to breathe and slow down. Wow! What a whirlwind it has been on my end. It’s truly called “holidaze” for a reason.

I loved helping my clients shop for the holidays and to treat themselves and shop for someone else. I love ❤️ serving them a glass of bubbly or champagne and serve them some healthy yummy bites like Brie and vegetables, nuts and fruit. A few sweets on the side can’t hurt.

I also love to make them laugh and put a smile 😊 on their face! One idea I love to do when entertaining is this…

Looking for a few good men?

My clients and friends are too.

I love serving them gingerbread men on a silver platter. I brand I love ❤️ and is so delicious is from the Stauffer Biscuit Company I found at the Dollar General store. But I ’m sure other stores carry them. I am picky about the taste of my gingerbread men and brand.

Only the best for my clients and friends!

On display I place a sign that reads “ Looking for a few good men” next to the silver platter of gingerbread cookies. They get such a kick out of it. Sometimes the simplest things are the best!

I also like to make my home smell amazing with a tease of the scent of gingerbread. Since I’m not baking gingerbread cookies from scratch the house does not smell like them but you can make an Aromatic Holiday Elixir in your home by simmering a pot of this.

What you will need for this fragrant DIY is:

A few drops of gingerbread essential oil

1 small orange sliced

2 cinnamon sticks

1 sprinkle of nutmeg

Add to a small saucepan filled with water. Place on low heat. Simmer away.

Your home 🏡 will smell awesome and feel cozy too!

Serve some hot cocoa and you’re all set. Marshmallows on top of course and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.

I hope you enjoy these ideas! All the decorations, twinkling lights, eat yummy things and have fun 🤩 with friends and family. Life isn’t quite the same anymore but we have so much to be grateful for!