Coolest beauty ever!

You asked if I own one…and here is my answer.

But first…

I am a Northern girl who moved to Florida for my husband. But being MADLY IN LOVE I soon discovered Florida is VERY VERY hot,steamy and humid. Not a winning combination for my hair and skin. I GET REALLY HOT! They say Southern girls don’t sweat they glisten. Well that’s proof I am a Northerner as I sweat. Not glisten at all. From hair to toe! Last week it was almost 80 degrees and it turned in the 30’s overnight. Florida weather! You never know what is going to do!

 So, I am always looking for ways to keep cool. I am IN LOVE with a pretty in pink mini refrigerator by Cooluli USA. It is a classic model and my husband has one I got for him for his office in blue.


These are a few of the things I store in my mini fridge I discovered on social media and Allure magazine’s beauty editors Instagram page.

I love exploring all the options we have in life and this fridge is one of them!


I don’t keep all these products in my mini fridge but I do whenever I need to. I rotate them as needed. Using them out of the fridge feels refreshing and amazing!


πŸ‘„Eye gels

πŸ‘„Sheet masks for the face

πŸ‘„Neck Sheet masks

πŸ‘„Eye sheet masks OR eye pads

πŸ‘„Lip gel or sheet masks

πŸ‘„Cooling gel Eye masks

πŸ‘„Mud or clay face masks

πŸ‘„Great for all skin care, especially organic and natural skincare

πŸ‘„Beauty products containing active ingredients, such as vitamin C and retinol.

πŸ‘„Perfect for all eye creams designed to de-puff or for treatments that care for sensitive or irritated skin.

πŸ‘„Gua Sha

πŸ‘„Jade Facial rollers

πŸ‘„Rose Quartz Facial rollers

πŸ‘„Light moisturizers

πŸ‘„My Rosewater Kisses – Why keep your rosewater or setting spray next to your Dijon mustard and more and so far from your bathroom or vanity?

πŸ‘„Melted lipsticks and makeup from below from my purse or tote from hot summer days to firm them up.


πŸ‘„Lip liners

πŸ‘„Cream blush


πŸ‘„To chill my wash cloths!


πŸ‘„My Energy shots

πŸ‘„Green Juices or Smoothies

πŸ‘„Rose all day or mini Champagnes (OR his beer)

Keep your products at your fingertips with a mini fridge.

πŸ‘„AND chocolates…yes, I went there. I love to chill Hershey’s Kisses 😘 and other chocolates in it and eat them cold while doing my makeup for an evening out on the town. I have it on a table my vanity.

Did I tell you it even warms food? Store your lunch in it. BABY bottles or formula

I even love to use it to warm my face or hand towels! Cause it heats and cools!

It even travels with you! So lightweight and oh so FUN to own.

Coolluli worth looking into!img_1469

Hot beauty tool and more!

Have I got a deal for you!

I am so in LOVE with my mini fridge from Cooluli that I had to write the company and ask if I could share a discount code JUST FOR YOU to use on their website. I will share this discount code savings for your purchase at the end of my blog but FIRST let me tell you why YOU NEED it in your life and what it is good for!!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE mine and it is so adorable and handy. IΒ  like to take it with me on the road as it can be used hooked up in your car. Or connect via USB on your computer. It is the coolest thing ever! And SO LIGHT and the size is just right for me too! It is taking social media into a whirlwind! Beauty addicts and LOVERS adore it and more!

Here is what the company based in Brooklyn NY has to say about the mini fridge units they sell.


  • Cooluli is great for keeping food and drinks warm or cool, whether at home, at work, on the road, and everywhere in between. From soup to sandwiches,energy drinks to coffee,tea Cooluli’s got you covered.fridge Blog PRO_4717.JPG


  • Ideal for vitamin C serum, jade rollers, eye creams, sheet masks,toners and more! The cooling sensation you get from storing your skincare in a Cooluli is nothing shortof amazing! Why keep your rose water mist next to your mustardβ€”and far from your vanity?
  • Cooluli is your answer to efficient and adorable skin care organization.Great for all skincare, especially organic and natural skincare, and beauty items containing active ingredients, such as vitamin C and retinol. Keeping your beauty faves cool can prolong shelf-life, plus the cooling sensation soothes and refreshes. The Cooluli chillout is perfect for eye creams designed to de-puff or for treatments that care for dry, irritated skin. Keeping your skincare routine chilled definitely revs up your beauty game!
  • TowelsHeat and open up those pores before treating your clients or your skin. The warmth is both soothing and effective!
  • Great for keeping towels warm during a relaxing manicure,pedicure and more.

ο‚· Perfect to keep insulin and other temperature-regulated medications, such as
certain forms of birth control, topical ointments, etc. This makes them remain
active and effective and the convenience factor is a plus!

MOM’S and new moms great for breast milk and formula!
Also use Cooluli:
Camping + Fishing
Tailgates + Barbecues
Road Trips + Vacations
Dorm Rooms + Bedrooms + Hotel Rooms
Spas + Salons
Office Desk + Co-working Spaces
Gaming Rooms + Dens

As well as MAN CAVES and SHE SHEDS!

For more information and different units and features you can buy with this discount 10% OFF discount code for a limited time only Darlings!

Starting June 16th thru the 23rd 2019…ONLY!

Simply use this code at checkout:


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You will love it. Makes a perfect gift too!