How’s Life?

It seems as though we not only had quite a year in 2020 but we also are having quite a different 2021 than we planned. I think some people think that once the calendar changed to a sparkling new year filled with everything we hope for or want…our pandemic and daily lives would magically change kind of overnight. But it hasn’t really. The world 🌎 is still sick and people are feeling all kinds of emotions and feelings too. Me included.

I am really sad so many people are dying. BUT I am thrilled there is a vaccine and boy was that a miracle to come in the same year of the pandemic! We are so lucky!

And in these challenging times what I have come to realize is EVERY single day and minute in our lives is a GIFT. It is not just a nice thing to say. It is TRUE! If you’re reading my blog right now you MADE IT and you’re still here and alive.

So, at this time my heart is filled with GRATITUDE and I look to the light and have so much hope. If you are feeling blue you can do this too. Keep going. Stay positive. Keep the faith. We have got to live our lives not die inside.

Here are a few things that give me some happiness and I want to share them with you today. Maybe they will help you in some way.

Surround yourself with people you ❤️love. Extend your safe bubble of people by reaching out and calling to others. Reconnecting and chat on the phone with them. I’ve done it and it made me and the other people I’m calling feel so good too. People need to connect and stay connected.

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Write a letter or create a card from scratch and mail it or hand it to someone you care about. Tell them they are loved. Share your day. See how they are.

I think every day should feel like Valentines day.

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Fill your space with things to make you feel HAPPY or put a smile on your face. Check around your home and see what you might have before you go out shopping for something. I recently discovered something while cleaning my dining room hidden in a drawer under some cloth napkins. I ordered some gold flatware. I completely forgot about them. They are so gorgeous and chic. Why haven’t I used them in years? I shined them up and am putting them to use and enjoying these beauties. DAILY.

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Strategically fill your space home or office with affirmations and words of wisdom. On your wall, on your desk, on a shelf at your bedside table.

Don’t you feel good looking at this already?

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It would be great on a child or teens home classroom desk too for encouragement! Don’t you think so?

Make your bathroom an oasis to escape to. Shower or bath? You’ll love the little touches will make.

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SOAK your cares away! A bath is always a good idea! Or add a little something to your shower routine. Like a shower bath bomb. Or some new hair & body products.

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Fill your bathroom with luxurious hydrating soaps. Nowadays there are so much to choose from. I like to buy soaps in all my travels. Especially internationally. So fun. Find some plush towels and washcloths. Switch up that same old decor. Give your bathroom a lift and hang a sign that you can find like “Hello Beautiful”. OR “It’s a Good Day to have a good day”.

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Flowers and plants add SUNSHINE to your day and plants purify and can detox the air. So simple but gives you so much of a happy feeling. WAKE UP & SMELL the flowers!

Or enjoy the serene feeling of plants 🌱 and all things green! 🍃

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So 😎 Cool!

Aren’t these the absolute cutest and sexiest gloves?

They are called ManiGlovz.

Your answer for dry skin, manicures,cold hands, driving gloves and so much more. Designed by a woman! They were originally created for protecting your hands when getting a manicure and going under those lamps that are used to dry your nails and to complete a gel nail service.

So ingenious! These manicure gloves are amazing.

They offer UV protection.

Sun 🌞 protection while driving in your car or motorcycle too.

Water resistant styles to choose from.

One size fits most hands

Some gloves come with hydrating aloe Vera microcapsules. A combination of polyester super microfibers and lycra.

I love to use them for texting and when you don’t need wool or leather gloves kind day. Besides just when getting a manicure.

As seen in Allure magazine you know it’s our beauty bible! Isn’t it? The beauty experts called them… “Sassy as Hell”

The way I discovered them is by accident. Because I had noticed a brown spot on the top of my wrist. I thought it was makeup after I made up a clients face. After going to wash and disinfect my hands I quickly realized it was not. It came out of nowhere. I think the days of sunshine at the beach 🏖 or riding my bike have caught up with me.

So, I since I don’t want more! I have these to protect me,look chic and fun too.

If you haven’t heard of them and are getting sunspots,crepey skin or wrinkles on your hands. Or get manicures … They are definitely worth a look!!

Happy New Year …CELEBRATE!

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Sorry I have been M.I.A. I have been wrapping up the year in my business,enjoying my husband’s family our bubble) and reflecting on what’s next for me. I thought I would be celebrating with a trip back to familiar places and see my families beautiful faces again. Or explore and travel to Poland like I was supposed to travel to this year in the spring. But Covid-19 had other plans for me! (And the world)

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I have been working on my podcast to launch soon and trying to keep my husband and family safe and healthy! And just like you trying to keep going and get through this pandemic too.

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So I’d like to wrap New Years Eve 2020 quickly and start fresh with a beautiful new clean slate. But first I want to make a toast to you!

Wishing you good health,love and a beautiful and an exciting new year. Thank you for reading my blog.

Happy Christmas Eve

I SURVIVED the holiday season in my beauty business but wish this pandemic arrived AFTER the season. It has been a tough year! I know I may be the lucky few who are still in business too.

But now as I close my studio doors, sip some hot cocoa and enjoy something sweet… all I can say is. Happy I am alive, well and my sweet business survived.

It’s getting windy, cold and rainy in Florida tonight. From the 70’s in degrees to… 27 degrees tonight. I’ll soon enjoy a cozy quiet dinner at home and watch mass on TV.

If you own a small business I hope you hang in there and survived this season too.

Taking one day at a time until the end of the year and just be in the moment and my ❤️ heart filled with gratitude.

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Two of Santa’s 🎅🤶 Helpers!
Praying 🙏 for all Small business owners around the world! (And big ones too!)

A few self care gifts for yourself or someone else…

With a peppermint twist!

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Heading into Christmas and wrapping up Channukah we are surrounded by all things peppermint. I love peppermint do you?

Around this time of year we enjoy serving my clients at my beauty studio all kinds of yummy drinks and things around peppermint.We also love making small gifts for our clients that they can take home with them and enjoy.

But now with the pandemic we can’t really do all things as usual. But I can still share these entertaining and pampering gift ideas 🎁 with you.

Just for fun …hang a candy cane on drink glasses like eggnog,hot cocoa, milk or even a glass of pink champagne. Festive and cute!

Kids version: Kids love it hanging on a mug of hot chocolate, milk, fruit punch and or pink lemonade

Peppermint ice cream. Sometime is so HARD TO FIND. Or simply sold out! So, one day I decided to just make it on my own. Makes a fun hostess or Holiday gift too. All you need is a gallon of vanilla ice cream. Buy some mini candy canes and smash them with a meat tenderizer. Mix in to the slightly melted ice cream. Place the mixture into a festive colored or designed Tupperware or freezer ware. Place an unwrapped mini candy cane to the top of the ice cream and freeze. Sort of like the cherry on top.

Make some massage oil by infusing around 3 drops or more of peppermint essential oil to some almond oil or jojoba. Double up with more oil for a larger bottle. I like to make mini versions.Fill in a bottle with a pour out spout if possible. Give as a gift saying what it is and directions on how to use it.

Use peppermint oil in a foot bath and turn your bathroom into a spa. Fill a basin with warm to hot water,add a cup of Epsom salts and sprinkle in a few drops of peppermint oil. Peppermint is known for its energizing properties and is a refreshing pick me up for tired feet and legs. If you stand a lot for your job this is a great treat year round. You can bottle some Epsom salts with peppermint essential oil, tie a ribbon on and give as a gift too!

Have allergies, want to purify the air or staying indoors more now that the weather is colder and winter arrives tomorrow! Invest in a soothing aromatherapy lamp. Finding one that that changes colors is life changing. So pretty to look at and relax to. Really helps with your mood and stress. The rainbow of shades illuminate the room while the peppermint oil helps with allergens in the air. I own and love the lamp by CHI (Yes, the iconic hair brand makes one) This makes a fabulous gift too.

I wish you a delightful and refreshing peppermint candy cane kind day!

A Cookbook is a PERFECT gift!

I fell in love with a book and simply had to share it with you. I LOVE to read and beauty and health books are my go to‘s but I also am hooked on cookbooks. Although my husband says I kiss better than I cook. Lol! I have to disagree cause he eats ALL my meals and I have even caught him licking off the plate.

You don’t have to be Asian to eat and love Asian food. Don’t be afraid to try NEW things and recipes too. There are so many tasty and exotic delights that come from Asian countries. While my ancestry is Eurasian European foods warm my belly. I have learned to love all global foods and I love Chinese dim sum the best!

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This is the book I am telling you about. Growing up in the North I loved exploring all New York City has to offer. I love shopping up town, love the bright lights and action of Times Square and love eating,shopping,strolling around downtown.

For years I lived and breathed Chinatown and the neighborhood right across the street they call Little Italy! I would eat my way from street food to street drink to fresh exotic fruit stands to a hot Chinese donut pushcart. One of the streets I always seemed to be drawn to off the beaten path of Mott and Canal Streets was Doyers Street. Tucked away on a winding street is Nom Wah Tea Parlor .

The book/cookbook is called The Nom Wah Cookbook by Wilson Tang (Harper Collins) and it is FILLED with not only recipes but stories,history,culture about Chinatown and places in downtown New York City. This restaurant has been serving some of the worlds best dim sum for a hundred years! So it is no wonder that they finally are dishing out their yummy secrets and sharing with the world. Movie sets and magazines love shooting on this street in Chinatown. Who knows next time you visit and get some dim sum what you’ll find at their door. Besides a line around the block. Not always but sometimes. The small businesses and shops in Chinatown are really hurting these months in the pandemic. Give them some LOVE! Any way you can. Dumplings, mooncakes and hot cozy soups await you.

It appears many of us are talking about Bucket Lists and can’t wait to travel again. Next time you do get to travel explore beyond your front door and take a trip to NYC and enjoy all the city has to offer. While I have not been there since March. I do yearn to go back home and to Nom Wah Tea Parlor again.

So worth a weekend get away or longer. You don’t have to spend a fortune to travel and stay there. Make a plan. Visit NEW YORK CITY tourism and browse their site and get a packet of information sent to your door. When it is safe for us to get back out and really live our lives and travel and visit there you will have made some of the best memories in your life. If you’ve been to NYC but it has been a long time ago. My has it changed and evolved! TRULY the city that never sleeps.

But until that time get this cookbook,read and devour the recipes and travel without leaving your house. As I mentioned it is the perfect gift to give to yourself or for the foodie in your life.

GIFT TIP: Wrap this cookbook in a kitchen tea towel,add a pretty set of chopsticks and maybe a tea cup with a jasmine or oolong tea bag and you have the best gift ever!

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In a Holidaze?

Me too!

I’ve not bought one gift only a few stocking stuffers. How about you? These pandemic days are starting to annoy me and ruining my holiday spirit. I always find comfort in the little things. But lately it’s been a tough thing to do. This is not me. I usually choose happy. Sorry I have been a little MIA.

However, we all must stay focused and keep our eye on the prize. This pandemic will pass and a few vaccines are coming on the horizon. And WE must try and keep it going.

So since it’s National BathTub Party day. Yes, it’s a thing!

Time for a little self care. I know I share a lot of beauty, skincare and self care love. But that’s because my business is beauty and wellness!

Tonight I’ve decided to make bath 🛀 salts for some of the special people in my life.And later will take a lovely bath in a home-made potion too.

Chillax Bath Salts with Eucalyptus

Here’s what you will need to make it.

Tweak recipe if you’d like to us another essential oil or other item.

1 mason jar filled with Epsom Salts

1 eucalyptus leaf 🍃

5-6 drops of Eucalyptus oil

Fill the jar with the Epsom salts and leave some space and don’t fill to the at the lid top.

Sprinkle eucalyptus oil over the salts (I love the Aura Cacia brand)

Shake jar up so the two mix and the salts and essential oil mesh beautifully. Leave and let it set overnight. This way the Epsom salts will mesh beautifully.

Next day shake again.

Add some rustic twine or any pretty 🎀 bow or ribbon to the top of the jar or around the jar.

Include instructions that you have punch holed to the ribbon.

These salts are inexpensive to make and are great to give especially if you are on a budget this holiday season.

Add a note card with your holiday message and you’re good to go and give!

Enjoy tonight or give as gift!!

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Oh the beauty of taking a bath. Especially these days!

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So I hope you’ll enjoy, light a candle and add a bubbly sparkling cider or champagne to a glass and and have a party in your bathtub today! Your way!

It warms the body and soul!

Shop Small Biz Saturday… and beyond!

Wherever you live! Give some love to your community in person or online.

Small businesses around the world 🌍 need your shopping love ❤️ Now! Tomorrow they may be forced to close. I am one of those working hard to keep our business going.

As we continue to bounce back in our businesses… most of us offer consulting and shopping over the phone. Curbside pickup and of course shipping to your door.

It’s easy and of course wearing a face 😷 , social distancing, hand sanitizing and keeping our businesses clean and disinfected between guests.

So, please do the world a favor and our economy. Keep our beautiful America 🇺🇸great and support small businesses. Brick and mortar and online.

We each promise you a good time, shopping experience and great buys!

Our ♥️ Hearts are ready for you to make them smile!

Stated by American Express this movement has been steadily growing for several years now. But with the pandemic we need you to not just think of us one day a year but every day.

Happy 🛍 Shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you had a delicious day !

Even though it is different this year… we need to be grateful for our beautiful life and country.

Blessings to you!

What are you thankful for?

I’m still counting all my blessings.

The best part about today? I opened my eyes and woke up today!

I also had food on my table today. The only thing I didn’t have was my family with me to celebrate the beauty of this day. One day at a time is all we can do.

Cleopatra would envy this!

It is written that Cleopatra wore kajal coal to define her eyes. Used all kinds of oils perfumed potions and loved to bathe in milk!

I LOVE to do the above too. I discovered it is even more fun to embelish your bath with other additions for the kitchen.

I recently enjoyed a warm not steamy hot bath with water and a half gallon of real milk. I simply added the inside of a fresh vanilla bean pod. Vanilla beans aren’t cheap but they are worth the treat in a drink,in a dessert and in a BATH!

I have shared this simple D.I.Y. bath with my clients and they loved it. It is not sold on a store shelf which makes it even more fun to make. I so hope you try this special bath one day soon….and bathe your pandemic cares away!

Oh what a sexy aromatic elixir!

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