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It was so WONDERFUL to be back in New York City again! I so love my ❤️❤️❤️ New York! I used to work and play in the city daily.

It was also great to educate at the International Esthetics Cosmetics and SPA Conference again!

The show is BACK and did go on and I had an awesome time! The pandemic did not rain on our spirit and parade. All the show attendees made the city even prettier! 😎

They were all dolled up and read to learn,shop and rock! (Face masks were optional)

It was also alongside the iconic International BEAUTY Show! So we got to see two shows.

My Makeup 💄 Workshop went well.

I taught a class on The Power of Makeup Consultations and MAKEUP Lessons. Not just an application. It is such and important service to offer. I like to make women look like themselves ONLY better and FEEL it too! I don’t think you have to use a lot of it either.

People came from all over the USA and the globe. It was so nice to have face to face connections actually touch a face on stage again.

There were all kinds of classes for spa and salons to take. From skin,makeup,waxing and social media,marketing and more! Did I mention…Anal bleaching? It is STILL all the rage.

The massive show floor was FILLED with fabulous vendors. I discovered some awesome products I can’t wait to share with you. The longest line I saw was for the Hydro jelly and jelly masks. So many masks so many to choose from. They had one for every skin need. Next time you are looking for a facial ask the receptionist or esthetician for one. Or if they have them as part of the facial protocol. They are also used on the neck and areas of the body. I’ll share one with you on Instagram and Tik Tok soon.

SO TIRED. Travel and running around the city to soak in the the show floor and NYC is exhausting. Having to get back in the groove to work back in Florida. I finally got to unpack my luggage a week after my trip. I took more pictures of the show but for some reason WordPress is not helping me post them at this time. In the meantime I will get caught up with my family,work and life and stay tuned for more.

Next stop…CHICAGO for the International Esthetics Cosmetics and SPA Conference. IF you’re a PRO you gotta go!

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