Life’s too short not to celebrate…Galentine’s day!

Do you celebrate it too?

I love inviting special friends over and host an event for my clients too.

Friendship and supporting your local girl tribe is a beautiful thing! 💕

Now even more we need to connect, reconnect and build. Life is too short for fakes look for REAL friends. And they don’t have to be a gal. They might just be a male. There’s nothing like friendships!

Surround yourself with people who make you happy to be around!

Published by

Noreen Young

Welcome to my all things BEAUTY,food, travel and lifestyle blog. I am a makeup-artist,skin care expert and love the world of makeup and getting all dolled up! Stay tuned for beauty reviews, tricks, skincare tips and more. IF you are a'll love my occasional recipes for food plus fun! I also love to travel too. So I will share about delicious places I visit. From mom and pop places to exotic foodie spaces all over the country. I am happy to have you read my words and can't wait to learn more about YOU too. Live a delicious life and live each day as if it was your last. I do! XOXO Noreen Remember my mantra and slogan is: "A woman without lipstick is like a day without sunshine" Noreen Young

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