Apple Pie High!

Did you know eating apples with the skin on it is even better and healthier for you? There’s something magical about that skin.

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I LOVE apples 🍏 green apples, red 🍎 apples I love them all. I remember my first visit to an apple orchard up north with my girlfriends. Picking my own apples off a tree. It was so much fun!

Now in the beauty and spa industry I have come to enjoy the beauty in them even more. How about you do you love apples too?

Apples contain Vitamin C,K,A,fiber and filled with lots of nutrients our bodies love.

So I thought I’d share one of my favorite spa water 💦 recipes with you. It is so much fun to make and delicious too!

What you will need for this recipe is:

2 🍎 🍏 red, green or both

1 bottle of Perrier or bottled drinking water

3 cinnamon sticks

1 piece of star anise (Optional)

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I love to drink this recipe once fall arrives especially. I prepare it, pour it in a pitcher and decorate a lovely tray with fall decor like a mini pumpkin, 🌻 flowers and pretty leaves 🍁 from my front and backyard… so cozy to look at. Makes me feel good and hydrated too.

They say…eating an apple 🍎 a day keeps the doctor away. So, I also like to keep a basket of bowl of them on my kitchen counter or in a pretty basket in my living room on a side table. They are a filling snack especially when you crave something sweet!

Apples are good for heart ❤️ health, your eyes 👁,liver, gut and digestion, help regulate blood sugar levels, your colon, helps are muscles, aides to lower hypertension. Great source of fiber and filled with potassium.

My favorite snack trick is an apple can help clean your teeth and help with your gums on the run. They help produce more saliva which fills the mouth 👄 to ward off bacteria. It gently sloughs away tarter on your teeth until you can brush your teeth.

How about you? Do you love apples too? You can even find apples in some K Beauty and American brand skin care now too.

You know I love to D.I.Y. so here is a skin softening yummy scented scrub body recipe I like to whip up in my kitchen.

What you will need for this recipe is:

1/2 cup of coconut oil

1/2 cup of dark brown sugar

1 or 2 pinches of apple pie 🥧 SPICE

1 crushed cinnamon stick to embellish on top.

Mix all of the above (not the cinnamon sticks) and place in microwave to melt a few seconds.

Pour in a jam jar or another other jar you have on hand. Recycled jars are the best!

Apply like you would any other scrub. You can just do your hands,your feet or your body sitting at the side of the tub. Be careful it will be a bit slippery. Rinse well but leave a bit of the oil on your skin and rub in. Your skin will be so baby soft and the scent of this treat is amazing. Like mom or grandma baked an apple pie!

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Noreen Young

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