The Beauty of Rice

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The birds woke me up today singing away. I know what you are thinking it is still winter but here in Florida the birds think it is already spring. Some flowers are blooming and the birds are in concert out my window. The birds have so much to say!

So I am up and planning out this relaxing day in my head with a scrumptious brunch for my family.Getting caught up on paperwork and reading my magazines. And since it is Self care Sunday…I planning a little something in just for me and my skin. Me Time!

For my self care at home time I am going to enjoy an old fashioned beauty ritual that is centuries old called a Rice Water Face Mask. I am also going to make a hot pot of Jasmine Pearl Tea to sip while my mask does magic to my skin. You can do it too. If you’re in the beauty business you can share this recipe with your clients too. If you’re not that’s fine too. Just enjoy it alone or with family or your bestie.

Have you ever tried jasmine tea? It is so aromatic and full of flavor and even freshens your breath. Not bitter it is one of my favorite teas and I love coffee too.

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What you will need for this recipe is simple!

Rice and tap water and a glass container.

1 cup of water

1 cup of uncooked Jasmine Rice now readily available at your local grocery store but oriental grocery stores carry it as well. You don’t need a 10 lb. bag but if you do buy it the rice is delicious to add to any meal.

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Step 1. Rinse rice quickly once or twice and place that rice in a glass or bowl of fresh water. Let this set for an hour or more. Overnight even better.

Step 2. Place the watery milky looking infusion on your face with a FLAT cotton pad. This is your face mask.

Stay away from your eyes and lips.

Step 3. Leave on your face 10 minutes.Allow it to dry.

Step 4. Rinse your face.

Feel your skin. It will be silky soft,brighter and tighter!

*I like to pour the leftover infusion in a jar with a lid and store in refrigerator a few days to use another time. Dont’ keep it longer. There are no preservatives like products on a store shelf.

There’s something about that rice that makes your skin look better and feel good too!

Hope you enjoy this recipe today or another day. If you happen to be allergic to rice. Don’t try it. However, always remember in life it is so much fun to try new things.

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