A Cookbook is a PERFECT gift!

I fell in love with a book and simply had to share it with you. I LOVE to read and beauty and health books are my go to‘s but I also am hooked on cookbooks. Although my husband says I kiss better than I cook. Lol! I have to disagree cause he eats ALL my meals and I have even caught him licking off the plate.

You don’t have to be Asian to eat and love Asian food. Don’t be afraid to try NEW things and recipes too. There are so many tasty and exotic delights that come from Asian countries. While my ancestry is Eurasian European foods warm my belly. I have learned to love all global foods and I love Chinese dim sum the best!

Photo by Dino Uniyal on Pexels.com

This is the book I am telling you about. Growing up in the North I loved exploring all New York City has to offer. I love shopping up town, love the bright lights and action of Times Square and love eating,shopping,strolling around downtown.

For years I lived and breathed Chinatown and the neighborhood right across the street they call Little Italy! I would eat my way from street food to street drink to fresh exotic fruit stands to a hot Chinese donut pushcart. One of the streets I always seemed to be drawn to off the beaten path of Mott and Canal Streets was Doyers Street. Tucked away on a winding street is Nom Wah Tea Parlor .

The book/cookbook is called The Nom Wah Cookbook by Wilson Tang (Harper Collins) and it is FILLED with not only recipes but stories,history,culture about Chinatown and places in downtown New York City. This restaurant has been serving some of the worlds best dim sum for a hundred years! So it is no wonder that they finally are dishing out their yummy secrets and sharing with the world. Movie sets and magazines love shooting on this street in Chinatown. Who knows next time you visit and get some dim sum what you’ll find at their door. Besides a line around the block. Not always but sometimes. The small businesses and shops in Chinatown are really hurting these months in the pandemic. Give them some LOVE! Any way you can. Dumplings, mooncakes and hot cozy soups await you.

It appears many of us are talking about Bucket Lists and can’t wait to travel again. Next time you do get to travel explore beyond your front door and take a trip to NYC and enjoy all the city has to offer. While I have not been there since March. I do yearn to go back home and to Nom Wah Tea Parlor again.

So worth a weekend get away or longer. You don’t have to spend a fortune to travel and stay there. Make a plan. Visit NEW YORK CITY tourism and browse their site and get a packet of information sent to your door. When it is safe for us to get back out and really live our lives and travel and visit there you will have made some of the best memories in your life. If you’ve been to NYC but it has been a long time ago. My has it changed and evolved! TRULY the city that never sleeps.

But until that time get this cookbook,read and devour the recipes and travel without leaving your house. As I mentioned it is the perfect gift to give to yourself or for the foodie in your life.

GIFT TIP: Wrap this cookbook in a kitchen tea towel,add a pretty set of chopsticks and maybe a tea cup with a jasmine or oolong tea bag and you have the best gift ever!

Photo by Quintin Gellar on Pexels.com

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